Michelle Obama’s right-on message

Guantanamo is out, stem cells are in. Could the administration get any more progressive? Oh yes. This week, everyone was buzzing about the appearance by Michelle Obama (ok, not a sworn-in administration member, but still a crucial part of it) at Miriam’s Kitchen in D.C.

The New York Times did a story on Mrs. Obama’s healthy eating message, and the whole thing is like a dream come true. When she says something like “When you grow something yourself and it’s close and it’s local, oftentimes it tastes really good,”  how can a farm on the White House lawn be far behind? And when the First Family is ditching juice boxes and processed foods, American families have just one more reason to go whole.

Also: At Five Guys, Michelle had a regular Coke. Thank you, Miss Biceps!!! The more people you can strong arm to forgo those nasty fake sweeteners the better.


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