Through unity, we find strength


In August, a group of Gallaudet University alumni, staff members, and supporters traveled to Port-au-Prince to work with deaf and hard of hearing survivors of the earthquake. I traveled with them, as a reporter for the university. During the week-long effort, from August 5 to 12, the group helped to address problems facing deaf people and their families in a tent community in Port-au-Prince, and made connections with others who wanted to forge a better future for people with disabilities in Haiti.

The organizations represented included Friends of Deaf Haiti and Partners in Excellence-Haiti. I had the privilege of traveling with them through my job at Gallaudet University. I wrote a four-part series called Through unity, we find strength. The title is an English translation of the Haitian motto “L’union fait la force.”

…thus begins a post I wrote for, a new site for writing by and for deaf people. This post includes pictures from my trip to Haiti and links to the series I wrote. Check it out.


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