Farmers markets for Thanksgiving


Squash: a great local food for Thanksgiving. Photo by me.

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Several area farmers markets have announced they will close out the season this weekend, meaning it’s the last chance to stock up for Thanksgiving and for the year. Others will have special opportunities to fill your holiday table. Continue reading


Farmers Markets 101: How to find a market near you

One farmers market found - a few hundred to go!

Savoring that just-picked flavor. Supporting the local economy. Making a direct connection to the people who grow your food. Reasons for shopping at farmers markets are as rich and abundant as the farm-fresh produce they sell.

If you are reading this article, chances are good that you already have a reason, and now want to find a market nearby your home or work place. Or perhaps you shop regularly at a farmers market, but would like to sample a new one.

Luckily, you have over 220 farmers markets to choose from in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Several online resources offer ways to sort through them to find a market that fits your needs and location.

Each listing below includes location, day, time, and contact information for each market. Note that the information is always changing, so I recommend calling or emailing first before heading to a new destination.

Still not sure where to find a farmers market? Email me.

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Quick tweets meet slow eats


In the foodie world, it isn’t just greens that are going micro. Folks on Twitter (Tweeple, if you will), are now sharing tiny reviews and itty bitty news items about everything from restaurants to cooking at home to public foodie events in 140 characters or less. I have to say this has been fabulous for keeping up with D.C.-area food fun. I’ve doubled or tripled the scope of my D.C. gastronomical awareness, and it’s only been a few weeks.

One set of tweets I recently enjoyed came from chefrock, of The Carlyle Club in Alexandria. He took us through a meal at Rammy-winning Brabo in a play-by-play that could rival any Tom Sietsema review or Iron Chef narration. In quick, nutritious bursts, chefrock took us from the very beginning of the meal (“Fresh baguette was gooder than good. Nothin like great bread to start a meal off right. Service is awesome, so glad its still alive”) to dessert (“Apricot cobbler was nice and refreshing, not too sweet. The chcolate terrine was ridiculous! I’m stuffed!”). Continue reading

Hello Examiner

IMG_0644A little “hiya” to weekday farmers markets and “howdy” to the Rosslyn Farmers Market launched my part-time career as’s DC farmers market examiner. Might a greeting to the new Anacostia Farmers Market be up next? Or coverage of Penny Karas’s demo on making Hello Cupcake-style strawberry cupcakes at the Dupont Circle market?

Stay tuned to my page to find out. You can subscribe, too!

Feel, sniff, bite

Having traipsed through the tome The True History of Chocolate (Thames & Hudson), you’d think I would understand that chocolate is a complex subject. But all I smelled when I read the book was its plastic-coated cover, and all I heard was turning pages. It took a chocolate tasting class at ACKC to fill in the aromas, textures, sounds, sites, and of course tastes that really bring home the story.

ACKC stands for Artfully Chocolate|Kingsbury Confections, and the establishment has homes at 1529C 14th Street NW, AKA 14th and Q-ish, and on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Alexandria. Their main gig is not to let me taste their chocolates, but to serve as a coffee shop/art gallery/edible gift shop that sells a variety of confections, hot drinks (specializing in hot chocolates named after Hollywood divas), and some baked goods. They also give chocolate-making classes.

Here’s a quick pictorial overview of my adventures in a chocolate tasting at the D.C. location (courtesy of my BlackBerry, so not the best quality… sorry):


Our guiding chocolatier, historian, and scholar was Rob Kingsbury. He’s the KC to artist Eric Nelson’s AC. You’ll see a glimpse of one of Nelson’s handmade tables a few photos from now. Continue reading