Local foods for couch potatoes

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For a practice that is supposed to reduce food miles, eating locally can sure take a lot of footwork. Finding that one particular ingredient or a farmers market within a short distance can prove difficult. Luckily, the Internet can step in to do that work for you! Here are two sites that allow even the biggest homebody foodie or most busy Washingtonian to go local or sustainable. Continue reading

Crunchy granola recipe… for the people!

Granola! Flickr Creative Commons/Stu Spivak

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Stu Spivack

For months, I heard nothing. About granola, that is. Then, in the past week, requests for my recipe for this humble breakfast food started pouring in. Ok — so maybe I’ve only had two inquiries. It still constitutes a pattern, I say!

If the people want it, I will provide.

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