Local foods for couch potatoes

(This is cross-posted from my Examiner.com site.)

For a practice that is supposed to reduce food miles, eating locally can sure take a lot of footwork. Finding that one particular ingredient or a farmers market within a short distance can prove difficult. Luckily, the Internet can step in to do that work for you! Here are two sites that allow even the biggest homebody foodie or most busy Washingtonian to go local or sustainable.


You can find everything from squash and apple cider to hay and pet food to homemade beeswax salves to pastured turkeys—all within a few miles’ radius. Search by a product or location, or look for one kind of venue like farmers markets or grocery stores and co-ops.

The site also has an online store divided into food and product categories.

Nearby listings include all of the FreshFarm farmers markets in the area and community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs) in Maryland and Virginia. Local places to dine sustainably like Restaurant Nora (organic food in D.C.), and Ricciutis (eco-friendly eats in Olney, Md.), also appear on the site.


This resource includes all categories of organic and wholesome food, from produce and dairy to chocolate and gifts. Many of the companies specialize in one or two gourmet foods done right, like organic artisan cheeses or boutique fruit preserves. The local angle comes in with a map search function.

Some D.C.-area producers with wares on the site include Michele’s Granola in Baltimore, Md., The Versatile Herb in Chestertown, Md., and Zoe’s Chocolate Co. in Waynesboro, Pa.

These sites offer many products to order online, but it’s also worth considering a trip to producers who are close by.

Bon appetit!


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